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Corporate Chair Massage
Did you know that stress is the number one cause of disability? According to, Employers pay billions of dollars each year on lost productivity and healthcare costs. One of the main contributors to everyday stress is our workplace - as more and more is required of employees and employers.
For over twenty years large corporations have been using various health, fitness, and wellness programs including on site chair massage to improve their workplaces which has made a happier employees and increased productivity.
With We Bring The Spa To You© provides professional, experienced, and licensed massage therapists. Adding Chair massage for your staff provides a benefit for everyone. By decreasing stress, increases focus and productivity, and then in turn your company’s bottom line.

There are 3 Options for providing this services to your employees:

Option 1: Company paid offered to the employee as a reward and bonus
Option 2: Company and Employee split the cost 50/50
Option 3: Employees pay for services

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Event/Party Chair Massage
Are you having a charity event coming up and looking for creative ways to increase traffic to your event?

Wanting to say thank you to your teacher's during teacher appreciation week or holidays?

Add a little something extra to your housewarming party, birthday parties, or event space with onsite chair massage. 

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